Watson Releases Multi-Service AI System for Faster Training

Allie Miller
3 min readJan 22, 2019
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IBM Watson has released the first beta of its new AI data kits to help Watson users build AI faster. Using these kits, clients can expect to see significantly shortened training cycles, multiple Watson services trained on a single domain at once, and easy customization for each company’s needs.

This new IBM data kit will:

  • Build on IBM’s top industries of expertise. Starting with mortgage and moving into banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, energy and utilities, and beyond.
  • Allow users to train Watson as a system. Because this new offering is built on top of multiple Watson services, users can quickly and efficiently build an entire suite of AI applications.
  • Enable customization. That means that our users can keep what they want, delete what they don’t, and easily build on top.

Our first AI data kit focuses on the mortgage domain, but more are coming soon. IBM has developed a recipe to quickly curate and create future starter kits to build scalable AI.

Example Use Cases

Here is the full list of mortgage assets as well as sample use cases:

Build a virtual assistant with Watson Assistant.

  • 600+ mortgage key terms to more accurately detect industry terminology
  • Glossary to define more than 300 popular terms in mortgage
  • Hundreds of acronyms and expansions to understand domain-specific terms like APR or ACH
  • Dozens of FAQs related to mortgage origination and servicing
  • Answers to mortgage servicing FAQs

Answer complex questions with Watson Discovery.

  • Integration code to tie Watson Assistant to Watson Discovery
  • Code recipe to import extra data into Watson Discovery to answer complex and challenging questions that may not have pre-trained responses

Build a speech-enabled assistant.

  • Customized Speech Model (speech-to-text) to improve detection on mortgage-related terminology and increase speech recognition accuracy within mortgage domain

Enrich search insights within the mortgage domain.

  • Dictionary of terms to improve detection of mortgage-related terms within documents using Watson Discovery

Use customer messages in machine learning models.

  • Classify natural language complaints to better predict loan behavior; process mortgage-related complaints into eight classes
  • Deploy model in Watson Machine Learning and monitor continuously using Watson’s AI OpenScale

View Demo

To see the mortgage AI system in action, please view this demo.

Accessing this beta kit is free. The pre-packaged content and models includes assets you can use with Watson Assistant, Discovery, Speech-to-Text, and Watson Machine Learning.

Request Free Access

For free access to the entire mortgage AI system, submit this quick form.

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March 2019 update: the beta for this announcement is now closed.



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