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8 min readMay 5, 2020


All of my 2020 LinkedIn posts, plus a few favorites.

Real talk: I post a lot. I thought it might be helpful to organize the content I’ve shared so people can more easily find what they’re looking for.

If you’re hoping to learn about AI, productivity, leadership, or book recommendations, here are the top posts you need, sorted by category.

What are your favorite topics? What else are you looking to learn about?

Getting Started in AI

AI is intimidating for newbies. Start here.

Building ML

Build stuff, make stuff, and nerd out with me.

AI Trends

Whether you’re looking to follow them or buck them, it’s important to keep an eye on larger trends.

AI Examples

Sample use cases, customer stories, and demos.

General Tech and Business

If you like these, follow me on Twitter for more.


Times I did a thing.

A Day in the Life

I’ve got the best job in the world. And while I can’t share 99% of what I work on, here are some highlights I can.


In addition to articles and online courses, books are a great way to learn about AI and Cognitive Science.


I’m always on the hunt for ways to improve my workflows.


From resumé help to diversity and inclusion, here’s what inside my brain.


From me and from others.

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